CIPD Show time again – and some interesting sessions

CIPD Show time again – and some interesting sessions

Can hardly believe that it’s CIPD Conference time again.

As always TWM will be connecting and chatting with friends but a glance at the program introduces some interesting sessions. One such entitled: “Creating Organisational Resilience and Improving Delivery during HR Transformation” caught the eye of my ever watchful Commercial Director Tracy Capaldi-Drewett.

The session will be presented by senior members of the Cafcass organisation who are responsible not only for employing a very large number of social workers but also overseeing the Family Court matters surrounding about 145,000 adoptions and care proceedings each year. Cafcass is the voice of the children in the courtroom ensuring the interest of the child or children is paramount at all times. A massively noble and worthy cause.

But it’s the session content which attracted the eye of TCD. It will cover: “embedding large-scale organisational transformation through cultural change, performance management and L&D initiatives.”

Tracy Capaldi-Drewett is really looking forward to this session and case study. He says: “ I often see that organisations have this intent with their transformation programmes but struggle to manage and sustain the change because their underlying business systems are not joined up. TWM’s performance platform goes a long way in underpinning the success of Transformation programmes.”

The point is made, and perhaps Anthony Douglas and Jabbar Sardar from Cafcass will pick up on this – sustaining change is important. In the case of “large scale transformation” – it is absolutely crucial.

We shall listen with great interest.