Learners are reluctant to use online learning as they can’t find what they need

Learners are reluctant to use online learning as they can’t find what they need

In a recent conference session at this year’s Learning Technologies show held at London’s Olympia, Laura Overton, MD of Towards Maturity, discussed the reasons why some learners are disengaged and how this can be prevented.

Foremost amongst the points made was that 44% of L&D leaders say their staff are reluctant to engage with online learning. However, as a result of a ‘learning landscape study’ of 2,000 people working for private sector organisations, results show that “64% say that courses are how they learn what they need to do their job”. The whole conference session can be viewed here.

“What do the learners think?”

As stated by Laura Overton, figures from a recent report show that one of the prime reasons learners are reluctant to use online learning is because they can’t find what they need. This is likely to be because it’s “buried within the organisation” or that they didn’t even know that their organisation offered such a course.

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