Now that the dust has settled on Learning Technologies 2014, there is an interesting question. Does size matter?

Now that the dust has settled on Learning Technologies 2014, there is an interesting question. Does size matter?

Part of the job when you’re a Marketing Director is to look around at trade shows and be subjected to the “size matters” test from other exhibitors. This year’s Learning Technologies Show, now the world’s biggest according to organiser Ian Smout, wasn’t just big in the “attendance” department – although more people attended than ever before. No, the sheer size of some of the exhibitor stands has to be mentioned.

Fear of in some way endorsing these ‘monsters’ prevents me from naming them – but we, and they, know who they are! In a sporting and gentlemanly fashion, I will offer congratulations for entering into the spirit of the exhibition game with such enthusiasm and hope that we see them all again next year!

For TWM, Learning Technologies 2014 was a blast. The reception at the show and more particularly since, to our “Special” show offering – the Performance Pathway Builder priced at £7500 + VAT has caused something of a stir.

Here again we’re into the ‘does size matter?’ question. As we all know, some of the best things come in small packages but what about massively capable packages that come in small packages? That’s what the Performance Pathway Builder is all about and I’m delighted to say that visitors to TWM’s stand were not only hugely impressed by what they saw but perhaps most interested in the fact that we attached a fixed price to it.

That’s right. £7500 + VAT – a learning portal that can build and grow.

How does it grow? By adding anyone of a dozen or so hugely powerful tools ranging from collaboration tools, to course booking, to bespoke workbook building capability to rapid eLearning delivery.

Visitors to TWM’s stand agreed that the Performance Pathway Builder answered a whole lot of questions about what it could do for their organisations. It’ll structure learning resources into one package and support on boarding, qualifications and certification, sales development, technical training, career development, leadership development, compliance training, the list is very long!

In some cases then, size does matter – look for the big package with the small price!

You can find out all you need to know about the Performance Pathway Builder and we’d be very happy to connect you with a demo that you can play with yourself.

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