“Put another BLOG on the fire”…. and accept a warm welcome to TWM’s new website!

“Put another BLOG on the fire”…. and accept a warm welcome to TWM’s new website!

Launching a new website is an extraordinary challenge, because as the job progresses it becomes abundantly clear that what you thought you were going to do and say has changed. Why? You may ask. It would be entirely reasonable for you to wonder about “the planning” and “the project management”.

Well actually, the planning was fine and to be honest we managed the project fairly well too. But the real challenge has been around answering the big question for our visitors. The ‘Why’ question.

We at TWM like the ‘Why’ question? It’s trickier to answer than the ‘What’ and the ‘How’ questions, but we like it all the same.

Working through it, ‘What we do’ is pretty straightforward to explain. I do it most Friday nights in the pub to some stranger or another who has been crazy enough to ask. But I have noticed that when I explain what we do, he doesn’t seem to ‘get it’ in the same way as I do.

Inevitably then, in an attempt to show a bit more interest, the same stranger (becoming less of a stranger by the minute) will probably ask the ‘How’ question, to which my answer is invariably linked to our business and money in some way.

But never does the (by now) new friend ask the ‘Why’ question. And do you know why? Because, why would you start asking someone what they do with the question “Why do you do what you do?”

In creating our new website, this has been the predicament. We want to explain the ‘Why’ but we know that most visitors are expecting us to show them the ‘What’!

Getting back to my (new) friend in the bar, I’m not suggesting that every visitor to our new website will be similar to the chance encounter in the local bar but there are similarities.

Firstly, the website and the new visitor don’t know each other – it’s the same in the bar. Secondly, the website has no idea what the new visitor is looking for. Two strangers in a bar may both be thirsty but are highly unlikely to want exactly the same drink.

A website has to be like a bar but without the guidance of the bar man / tender / barmaid – depending on which country you’re in! In the bar you look at the whole offering and you make a choice based on what you see or the bar tender helps you to a decision. On the new TWM website – you will approach things a whole lot differently and our job has been to make sure that whether you want a ‘beer, a rare whisky, or a unique cocktail mix’ – you will first appreciate that you have come to a place where like minded people will welcome you and understand your needs!

We hope that in the new TWM website you will find a warm and welcoming place, sustained by a real and genuine belief that we understand why you’re here and we know that we can help with your vision and facilitate a solution. Please, rest a while and spend some time with us.