15 – It’s our magic number

Nicola Cox
By Nicola Cox | 16th December 2019

At TWM, we seem to have something with the number 15. First, in 2019 we celebrate our 15th year in business. Second, as we continue to expand and attract new clients to our portfolio, our employee base has grown to 15 talented people!

Finally, we are delighted to be recognised again (for the second year running) as a Top 15 Highest Performing Learning Technology Provider by the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI).

The world is full of change and transition and while change is often a constant within the workplace, it is the emotional reaction of those involved in the change which determines the success of the transition.

This year, TWM has undergone significant change within the business.

We are always pushing and working to develop and improve our core learning platform and we’re delighted with the product which has seen many enhancements to the ways in which our clients can engage with the wonderful learning assets and functionality that both they and we have produced.

A great example of this are our new on-screen notifications which keep learners engaged and on track and provide a valuable visual asset; bringing the platform in-line with other social platform trends.

Our content strategy continues to grow, and we have undergone a full review of our existing content to ensure it remains fresh and contemporary; removing that which has dated, and refreshed the rest - whilst at the same time adding new areas of focus, such as resilience and well-being in the workplace.

We have also made our content much more visually appealing and in line with the everyday viewing habits we expect now from video, tv platforms or music streaming services.

In addition, our partnership with industry career development experts, Talent & Potential, has enabled us to evolve and enhance our wider expertise through the development of our unique CareerBurst platform.

Centred around helping companies to promote home-grown talent, unlock potential at all levels, reduce turnover and recruitment costs, build loyalty and minimise disruption within teams, CareerBurst offers world class, curated career support that enables career ownership and provides managers with a robust toolkit to encourage meaningful career conversations.

So, what about the emotional reaction? All reassuringly positive!

In 2019, we won the prestigious People Development Programme Silver Award for the development of O2 Campus, in partnership with O2.

We also hosted our inaugural thought-leadership event at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry which saw our clients and invited guests provide us with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +69% (we were glad not to see the number 15 here!).

Finally, feedback for our rebranded website and marketing collateral has also been met with warmth and enthusiasm, with many people commenting how proud they are to be part of our 15-year journey. To this day, Polygon (a leading provider of services and solutions to prevent, control and mitigate the damage caused by water, fire and climate incidents or disasters) remains our first and our most long-standing relationship – may it continue for another 15 years!

As we look to the remainder of this year, we still have plenty to do.

Coincidentally, we have 15 new and exciting projects ongoing which continue to enhance both the product and service offer that we provide.

We continue to work hard on ensuring the brand TWM is well known in the marketplace and look forward to seeing where other industry research providers place us in their review of our business as we continue to ‘future-ready’ ourselves.

Tomorrow looks bright and as today’s learning leaders seek new ways to increase engagement, retain and mobilise talent and cultivate self-driven career cultures, that impact the bottom line and deliver digital transformation, here’s to our business continuing to promote and support the change and transition in learning for the next 15 years and beyond!

If you'd like to see how some of our new content, strengths and motivations tools and learning experiments have been incorporated into our learning experience platforms, please get in touch for a demonstration.

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