4 reasons why learners disengage with your LMS

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Sarah Kilian
By Sarah Kilian | 26th August 2021

I listen to many disappointed L&D managers who aren't seeing returns on the effort they've put into their new learning system. Indeed, I was once one of those frustrated L&D managers with a platform that wasn't seeing the hits and praise it deserved.

If you've purchased the right platform, secured buy-in from the business and are creating relevant learning solutions, why aren't customers flocking? In truth, there's lots of possible reasons, but in my experience these four simple checks are important:

  1. Is the platform a well-kept secret?

Ensure you’re inviting people to the party! You can’t just fill a shop with shiny products and rely on passing trade, and so advertising your new LMS is key. Sell based on what’s in for them personally, don’t just point out features.

I remember a team manager being at a total loss about why their team wasn't connecting with their excellent online learning. 'I'm always telling them to log in,' she commented. But I don't log in to Netflix just because you tell me to! However, if you excitedly talk about a new season of my favourite box set, I’m listening and engaged straight away.

Enlist those who can help you to spread the word, don’t just rely on your usual allies - consider the impact of converting the sceptics too. Identify your promoters, your passives and your demoters and use them well!

  1. Is access hard work?

If I have to wait three weeks to log in, you've lost me already. If people have to jump through hoops to access the learning that you've painstakingly crafted, then you’ll only annoy them, and they won't hurry back. Your new LMS only gets one good chance at a first impression and so seek out integration specialists to help you link content from a single login.

  1. Is it getting ugly?

When it comes to online learning looks do matter (especially when it comes to mobile device design). A shabbily designed platform is off-putting meaning learners never get as far as uncovering the gems within. If your people only ever login for their compliance content, maybe your design needs a look and feel makeover.

  1. Is it too generic?

Sure, there are some who want to talk AI and machine learning for this (as my colleague Chris Alexander discussed here). But I simply mean: are you talking to me? Scrolling past irrelevant content and struggling to find things that I want makes it hard for me to be impressed. Think of it like a show – your audience has a limited amount of time for learning. Make sure that you don't waste it!

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