2021 brings unprecedented challenges for HR

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Phil Purver
By Phil Purver | 19th January 2021

I was speaking to an HR Director recently. During our conversation, I asked about the most significant challenges facing them in 2021.

Of course, staff-wellbeing is high on the agenda, including the best way of reintegrating everyone once lockdown has passed: this in itself is a potentially massive issue and a real worry.

Another critical priority is how to retain and attract talent. The fear that some industries — such as supermarkets and logistic companies — who’ve thrived during the lockdown may poach staff with the lure of inflated wages is a real concern. To get around this, the director I spoke to is making it a priority to engage their team, so everyone feels part of the company despite remote working conditions.

Discussions with other HR and L&D leaders highlighted additional areas of focus, including:

  • How to support valued employees who are leaving the business with their career in the future.
  • How to hold onto and motivate talent while parts of the business contract.
  • How to choose the best digital option to engage the remote workforce.
  • In an external recruitment freeze, how to promote from within effectively.
  • How to inspire employees looking for change to see their future in the business.

The overall feeling is that Covid-19 and lockdown are inspiring many people to reevaluate their priorities and consider their career more deeply than ever before. In these turbulent seas, it's never been more important for HR to steady the ship.

Against these market insights, the idea of providing every employee with a personal Career MOT feels like a life-raft. Sarah Hobbs shared a five-step technique to start thinking about this in her recent webinar 'New Year, New Start': perfect timing for the many companies and employees who joined the 30-minute session. The recording of this webinar is available here.

For those inspired by this thinking, our research-based digital platform 'CareerBurst' provides even more ballast. CareerBurst is a digital solution offering management tools to support employees with career conversations and progression.

A Career MOT is just one of the functions: as the only research-based digital platform on the market, CareerBurst provides a range of critical tools which promote homegrown talent, reduce turnover costs, build loyalty and minimise disruption within teams.

CareerBurst can help managers empower employees with:

  • Direction – gaining clarity around career direction
  • Development – seeking out career-focused development
  • Finding opportunities – creating wider internal career opportunities
  • Reputation – building and maintaining an excellent reputation within the business
  • Strategic alliances – nurturing key relationships for career improvement
  • Selection – improving chances at selection

With a blend of real, in-depth research, practical, actionable thinking, tools and apps, CareerBurst helps managers become talent managers who can spot potential, succession plan and drive workplace development. Thousands of managers have successfully used the methodology contained within CareerBurst, giving it an unrivalled validity and credibility.

It's no wonder an increasing number of companies are turning to TWM to provide subscription-based company-wide solutions. We're battling 'stormy seas', but we'll emerge from this global pandemic in a far more buoyant position by respecting our stakeholders' challenges and working together.

If you’d like more information about our CareerBurst tool please email: info@theworkingmanager.com

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