Nicola Cox

Developing your personal brand

Just like a company or product, you too have your own brand. This “brand” is how people see you and what they expect from you. Personal branding is not about creating a ‘version’ of yourself, it’s about projecting your true individuality and personality in a positive and memorable way. Taking control of your brand The

4 reasons why learners disengage with your LMS

I listen to many disappointed L&D managers who aren’t seeing returns on the effort they’ve put into their new learning system. Indeed, I was once one of those frustrated L&D managers with a platform that wasn’t seeing the hits and praise it deserved. If you’ve purchased the right platform, secured buy-in from the business and

Defogging Your CV

As job vacancies in the UK reach a record high and industries such as hospitality being critically short staffed, we know lots of people will be applying to roles at the moment. Whether you’re looking for a new role (or want to reinvigorate your reputation in an existing role), rewatch Sarah Hobbs and Phil Purver’s

CareerBurst webinar. August – time for a career holiday?

Rewatch Sarah Hobbs and Phil Purver in our recent webinar as they walk through some of the best ways to drive your career when most people opt to take their foot off the gas! (All without needing to sacrifice your enjoyment of the summer months…) CareerBurst: August – time for a career holiday? from Sarah

5 Tips for selecting a new learning provider, by Wolverhampton Homes

Wolverhampton Homes became a TWM client in 2020 during the pandemic. WH are an Arm’s Length Management Organisation responsible for managing most of the council homes in Wolverhampton. They successfully launched their new TWM LMS (named “My Learning Hub”) in August 2020. A year on, we asked Sarah Butcher, Head of Organisational Development and Employee

CareerBurst – Developing Gravitas

Do you want to be able to influence and persuade people – whether to join you in a project, to give you a budget, to hire you or to trust you with new responsibilities? Rewatch the webinar of Phil and Sarah as they explore some of the ways you can develop that aura of gravitas

Valamis Announces Acquisition of The Working Manager

Valamis and TWM have entered into a definitive agreement to join together and unify technologies to offer businesses an end-to-end employee experience that helps employees develop and find career opportunities. Valamis Learning Solution and TWM’s CareerBurst career platform and learning platform technologies will bring Executives, Human Resources, Learning & Development, and Talent professionals a technology

Buyer beware! 5 warning signs in an LMS sales pitch

In the current environment, many organisations are chasing the same sales opportunities… So, how do you distinguish a provider who is ‘there one minute and gone the next,’ from the provider who’s with you for long-term success? Here are my top five nuggets of advice: Beware of the account manager who overpromises and under-delivers. If

CareerBurst – Diversity, Inclusion and a sense of Pride

Happy July to one and all! If you missed the amazing webinar from Sarah Hobbs of Talent & Potential on the 29th June, or would simply like to watch the inspirational story again, then the recording is available here for you: CareerBurst – Diversity, Inclusion and a sense of Pride from Sarah Hobbs on Vimeo.

Launching a new Learning Platform? 5 tips to smash the first 100 days!

Have you settled on the perfect learning ecosystem for your technology needs? Tick. Have you developed a content management strategy to populate the platform? Tick. Congratulations, you’re well on your way to embarking on an exciting new learning platform! But to really optimise the transition, next, you must turn your attention to the first 100