Buyer beware! 5 warning signs in an LMS sales pitch

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Daniel Mills
By Daniel Mills | 21st July 2021

In the current environment, many organisations are chasing the same sales opportunities...

So, how do you distinguish a provider who is 'there one minute and gone the next,' from the provider who's with you for long-term success? Here are my top five nuggets of advice:

  1. Beware of the account manager who overpromises and under-delivers. If your provider hasn't gained a good insight into your business, the likelihood is they'll sell you a product based on their quota rather than your business needs. This approach can lead to disastrous results and often sees the initial investment spiralling out of control!
  2. Pin down details. Is it clear from the proposal what the platform includes and doesn't include?
  3. Consider the credibility of the account manager. Are they from a sales or L&D/operational background?
  4. Explore their track record. Can the account manager provide examples and demos of how they've met similar challenges with their other clients? If they don't know or can't show you – this should set alarm bells ringing!
  5. Look at the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and partnership approach they take. Are they interested in having you as a client/business partner? (And therefore actively committed to making your business successful.) Or are you one of several clients? (Which can mean they'll prioritise their attention according to their objectives.)

In a buyers’ world, quality rules over quantity. So look to work with a provider who understands the value of win-win outcomes rather than win-win outputs. As Franklin Covey once said, 'Trust is formed at the congruence of competence and capability.'

That's what it comes down to when choosing a learning technology provider: you need to build a relationship with a partner you can trust, someone who can adapt and support your ever-changing learning needs in the long term.

But choose wisely, and you can look forward to reporting your success in ever more meaningful ways - thus demonstrating the value of Human Capital Management in workforce acquisition, workforce management and workforce optimisation.

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