Does your company experience high staff turnover, low internal promotion rates and reduced career mobility?

Do you struggle to unlock talent and are your staff unaware of how to develop their career internally?

Does your employee survey indicate low levels of engagement?

Our team can help you!

CareerBurst is a digital platform offering regularly updated, clear, career guidance for employees, as well giving management the tools to help support career conversations and progression. It has been developed through a strategic partnership between TWM and Talent & Potential.

Providing outstanding career support is critical to promote home-grown talent, reduce turnover costs, build loyalty and minimise disruption within teams. Research shows that 50%1 of people on high potential programmes move on within five years. Reasons cited for leaving a company include: promotion, better pay, better development opportunities and career change2. To avoid losing talent, it’s essential to provide career support to retain the right people through excellent career management.

Why should you choose CareerBurst?

Talent & Potential’s in-depth research with over 2,000 people unearthed the secrets to what successful people do to drive and accelerate their own careers.

Although 86% of employees believe that successful people stay with organisations for five years or less, Talent & Potential’s research busts this myth – showing that high flyers, in fact, stay in organisations for an average of 10 years. The research has identified over 70 valuable daily career tools that will accelerate an internal career. This vital insight is at the core of CareerBurst.

Developed to be used either as a standalone platform, integrated into TWM’s learning platform or within an existing LMS, CareerBurst will help you to:

  • Retain employees – with practical tools, clear guidance and regularly updated content to empower individuals to take control of their own development and career planning. The foundation of a great career is clarity around individual strengths. Help employees identify key strengths so that managers and connections can highlight internal career opportunities.
  • Engage employees – by enabling line managers to hold better career conversations. A commitment to each employee’s career shows them that you truly value them in the organisation and improves the employee experience. This is a guided journey, offering targeted and tailored support to help employees reach their goals. Thought-provoking content and interactive exercises will help steer career direction and clarify actions needed.
  • Develop a self-driven growth culture – by increasing organisational flexibility, building relationships and allowing people to take control of their career and their development – with support from their allies – to keep them motivated and on-track. CareerBurst helps people understand the career tactics that will accelerate their career.
  • Achieve a return on investment – both financial returns and increased retention delivered by people gaining career and development momentum. Keeping them in the organisation and helping them grow and progress avoids needless recruitment costs and means more roles are filled from within. Our digital learning experiments, which stimulate people to experiment with new behaviours in the workplace resulted in 32% increase in high-flyer skills in just six months.

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Career content

Most online career support is generic, information-heavy and static. CareerBurst turns that on its head: our content is tailored, easy to access, based on sound evidence and regularly refreshed.

CareerBurst is designed to help employees find, or create, the right opportunities that release their talents. The platform is available on desktop, tablet and mobile and is made up of different elements:

Employees’ career development support

Help employees find clarity on their next career move and get career development right.

Managers and mentors’ career development support

Help managers and mentors wrestling with succession planning, team morale or ways to reduce churn and recruitment costs.

Career conversations

A great way to progress your career is to have a conversation with your manager, a mentor, or someone from another part of the business. It is vital for employees to drive their own careers, so we provide full support to make it easy for them to set this up.

With CareerBurst, employees can focus on the kind of conversation they want, initiate conversations with a range of people, and have access to expert questions and career tactics that ensure a productive discussion. They can have a face-to-face conversation or chat online if they are in a global or dispersed team.

How can managers become career experts?

CareerBurst allows managers, who are not career development experts, to hold constructive, helpful and focused career conversations that meet individual needs. It prompts pre-meeting thinking, makes it easy to focus rapidly on the most relevant topics, and supports each conversation with expert questions that act as thought provokers. There are six sets of 12 career tactics, inspired by our research, that aid self-driven career development. A career plan is built and shared online, so that both parties can see the conversation and action plan.

Career workshops

CareerBurst workshops complement the CareerBurst platform and are facilitated by Talent & Potential, which has a track record of 100% excellent or good ratings. Results show that attendees achieved a sustained change in behaviour; participants showed a 23% increase in the use of self-directed career tactics typical of successful people, just three months after the workshops. These include strategies for shaping jobs, making sideways and development moves and CV building, as well as promotion-related activities. Talent & Potential also helps managers focus on strengths within their team with its award-winning Think Strengths workshop and tools.

One-day career management workshops are available for individuals and managers and have been used to train all managers at a major financial institution from first line supervisors to the COO, as well as Nationwide Building Society and Royal Mail.

FAQs - CareerBurst

Succession planning is often predicated on the hope that the identified candidate is willing to take up the role they are supposed to succeed. Holding effective, proactive career conversations with your people ensures that you hold more robust data about their career aspirations, improving the quality of your succession plans.


Yes, it can.  Career pathways provide a mechanism to support people to find opportunities.  They still need to be able to build their career skills, reputation and visibility so that they will be successful in the recruitment and selection processes.

The system is designed to be completely flexible.  Career conversations can be initiated by a line manager, a mentor, a peer or a team member – it allows individuals to work with the person who is right for them irrespective of grade, level or position.

There are six different conversations you might want at different times in your career:

  1. Direction – gaining clarity around your career direction
  2. Development – career-focused development
  3. Finding opportunities – creating wider career opportunities
  4. Reputation – building and maintaining a great reputation
  5. Strategic alliances – key relationships to nurture for your career
  6. Selection – improving your changes at selection.

CareerBurst is the result of a collaboration between Talent & Potential and TWM; combining subject matter expertise with technical capability. It’s based on material used over many years to successfully deliver career development in FTSE 100 companies and blended with digital expertise.

If there is an imbalance in terms of representation of minority audiences at a senior level, CareerBurst can address this by creating an inclusive approach and level playing field and boosting career development in under-represented groups.


There is a wide variety formats including: bite-sized tips, career blogs and vlogs, podcasts, strengths and motivation apps, researched tactics and learning experiments.

Managers may be very skilled in their own function and area of expertise but may not always be natural talent managers. By providing line managers with tools that help them gain confidence to hold career conversations, CareerBurst helps managers improve their ability to spot potential, succession planning and driving workplace development. Thousands of managers have successfully used the methodology contained within CareerBurst.

Essentially, CareerBurst gives employees the support to drive their own development and career actively – increasingly crucial for millennials. Businesses are changing fast, so it’s important they adopt an agile approach that enables people to take advantage of internal opportunities quickly.

New material is added fortnightly and it is collated and managed by experts.

Talent & Potential conducted research with over 2,000 successful individuals across a wide range of industries. This means we’ve developed a solution that’s 100% focused on careers and career content. Many myths masquerade as career advice. Some of these include: that you must network to be successful, success is having five-year career plan or moving organisations every two years accelerates career advancement. CareerBurst replaces this thinking with well researched insights and disproves many myths along the way.

Very few platforms cater purely for career development information. Our blend of real, in-depth research, practical, actionable thinking together with tools and apps means CareerBurst recognises that success comes from individuals taking ownership of their own careers boosted by great conversations with managers and mentors. The thinking in CareerBurst has been road-tested with thousands of high potentials and managers, giving it an unrivalled validity and credibility.


We believe that helping employees with their career should be at the top of every board’s agenda. CareerBurst aims to benefit companies by promoting career development as a core retention strategy. It helps to:

  • cut recruitment costs
  • retain internal talent
  • increase internal fill rates
  • provide a self-driven career strategy
  • support diversity and inclusion
  • create a talent culture.

CareerBurst provides full-spectrum career support for all employees, but it can be tailored to address specific audiences, such apprentices, graduates, middle managers, senior executives and CEOs – helping them to explore the career journey that excites them.

It challenges the default thinking that career development means ‘moving on’ to a new company, rather than growing their current role or ‘moving up or across’ in their current company.

Both: CareerBurst is a standalone tool or it can be integrated into our learning experience platform to sit alongside the full suite of applications and content.

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