Career development

Developing your personal brand

Just like a company or product, you too have your own brand. This “brand” is how people see you and what they expect from you. Personal branding is not about creating a ‘version’ of yourself, it’s about projecting your true individuality and personality in a positive and memorable way. Taking control of your brand The

Defogging Your CV

As job vacancies in the UK reach a record high and industries such as hospitality being critically short staffed, we know lots of people will be applying to roles at the moment. Whether you’re looking for a new role (or want to reinvigorate your reputation in an existing role), rewatch Sarah Hobbs and Phil Purver’s

CareerBurst webinar. August – time for a career holiday?

Rewatch Sarah Hobbs and Phil Purver in our recent webinar as they walk through some of the best ways to drive your career when most people opt to take their foot off the gas! (All without needing to sacrifice your enjoyment of the summer months…) CareerBurst: August – time for a career holiday? from Sarah

CareerBurst – Developing Gravitas

Do you want to be able to influence and persuade people – whether to join you in a project, to give you a budget, to hire you or to trust you with new responsibilities? Rewatch the webinar of Phil and Sarah as they explore some of the ways you can develop that aura of gravitas

Managing Imposter Syndrome

Did you miss our webinar? Not to fear the recording is here! Rewatch Sarah and Phil discuss the kryptonite to many successful people – Imposter Syndrome! CareerBurst – Managing Imposter Syndrome from Sarah Hobbs on Vimeo.

Overcoming Negative Perceptions

Have you ever felt that somebody has an unfair perception of you – and that it could be limiting your career? If you have felt this then you’re not alone – in last week’s webinar Sarah Hobbs explored just this. In fact, the subject was so popular that she was oversubscribed for the webinar! If

Managing Your Own Performance Review

Watch Sarah and Phil as they explore a deep dive into getting the best from your Performance Reviews – no matter how experienced or invested your manager is! CareerBurst: Managing Your Own Performance Review from Sarah Hobbs on Vimeo.

2021 brings unprecedented challenges for HR

I was speaking to an HR Director recently. During our conversation, I asked about the most significant challenges facing them in 2021. Of course, staff-wellbeing is high on the agenda, including the best way of reintegrating everyone once lockdown has passed: this in itself is a potentially massive issue and a real worry. Another critical

New Year, New Start!

This Career MOT webinar will help employers open conversations with employees about internal career development. Looking for more content & guidance to unlock talent across your entire organisation? Speak to us at The Working Manager for an informal chat about the CareerBurst digital platform. CareerBurst: New Year, New Start from Sarah Hobbs on Vimeo.  

8 Ways To Nurture Talent in an Uncertain Future

As the host of a recent webinar ‘Carving Out Time For Your Career’ it struck me that in the current market, helping employees with career progression should be at the top of every board’s agenda.   When it comes to surviving the future, 77%[1] of CEOs cite a lack of key skills as the biggest