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5 Tips for selecting a new learning provider, by Wolverhampton Homes

Wolverhampton Homes became a TWM client in 2020 during the pandemic. WH are an Arm’s Length Management Organisation responsible for managing most of the council homes in Wolverhampton. They successfully launched their new TWM LMS (named “My Learning Hub”) in August 2020. A year on, we asked Sarah Butcher, Head of Organisational Development and Employee

CareerBurst – Diversity, Inclusion and a sense of Pride

Happy July to one and all! If you missed the amazing webinar from Sarah Hobbs of Talent & Potential on the 29th June, or would simply like to watch the inspirational story again, then the recording is available here for you: CareerBurst – Diversity, Inclusion and a sense of Pride from Sarah Hobbs on Vimeo.

How do we ‘switch off’ when WFH?

It’s still a massive topic everywhere at the moment – mental health when working from home. Mental health and wellbeing week UK may have passed, but mental health is a topic for every week of the year, not just May. The 2021 Health and wellbeing at work report, from the CIPD and Simply Health, found

Flexible working for life! (not just for the bad times)

With Boris Johnson’s recent announcement about the further easing of lockdown in the UK, I’ve been wondering whether companies that have proven they can facilitate working from home will continue to do so now we’re heading out of the crisis. The importance of flexible working was first brought home to me in 2016 when I

Outstanding results for TWM!

In January 2021, TWM commissioned Barrett Values Centre (BVC) to undertake an objective diagnosis of TWM’s company culture using BVC’s world-recognised assessment tool. The Cultural Values Assessment provided a detailed understanding of TWM employees’ motivations, purpose, priorities and experience within the organisation. In a benchmark metric reflecting the health and strength of the company culture,

Overcoming Negative Perceptions

Have you ever felt that somebody has an unfair perception of you – and that it could be limiting your career? If you have felt this then you’re not alone – in last week’s webinar Sarah Hobbs explored just this. In fact, the subject was so popular that she was oversubscribed for the webinar! If

New Year, New Start!

This Career MOT webinar will help employers open conversations with employees about internal career development. Looking for more content & guidance to unlock talent across your entire organisation? Speak to us at The Working Manager for an informal chat about the CareerBurst digital platform. CareerBurst: New Year, New Start from Sarah Hobbs on Vimeo.  

8 Ways To Nurture Talent in an Uncertain Future

As the host of a recent webinar ‘Carving Out Time For Your Career’ it struck me that in the current market, helping employees with career progression should be at the top of every board’s agenda.   When it comes to surviving the future, 77%[1] of CEOs cite a lack of key skills as the biggest

Starting a new job well during the pandemic and beyond

Shaking hands with the new boss and being shown around the office was a rite of passage for new starters before the pandemic. Breaking the ice over a round of tea and asking colleagues questions every two minutes was all part of the settling in process. But how are those starting a new job during

Home-working, not shirking.

If you’ve been tuning into the CareerBurst webinars recently, you may have caught me introducing the latest instalment: ‘A shirker? Who, me?’, in which Sarah Hobbs of Talent and Potential, discussed how to build trust and ensure your hard work is visible while working from home. Talking on the topic was an interesting call for