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Create content that holds learners attention

These days the expression ‘knowledge is power’ is often succeeded by ‘shared knowledge is power’. It’s undoubtedly true for Learning Technology providers operating in a crowded market space. The attraction of a flash or contemporary GUI (graphical user interface) or a platform filled with bells and whistles isn’t enough to hold the interest or engagement

Flexible working for life! (not just for the bad times)

With Boris Johnson’s recent announcement about the further easing of lockdown in the UK, I’ve been wondering whether companies that have proven they can facilitate working from home will continue to do so now we’re heading out of the crisis. The importance of flexible working was first brought home to me in 2016 when I

‘I hate technology’

Not an admission you’d expect from someone who works for a learning technology company, but when my colleagues chorused ‘you’re on mute’ during yet another ‘Teams’ call recently, I couldn’t hide my frustration. Perhaps you can relate? We’ve all been there. Even Zoom’s CEO Eric Yuan admitted to ‘meeting fatigue’ this week. More worryingly, last