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4 reasons why learners disengage with your LMS

I listen to many disappointed L&D managers who aren’t seeing returns on the effort they’ve put into their new learning system. Indeed, I was once one of those frustrated L&D managers with a platform that wasn’t seeing the hits and praise it deserved. If you’ve purchased the right platform, secured buy-in from the business and

Buyer beware! 5 warning signs in an LMS sales pitch

In the current environment, many organisations are chasing the same sales opportunities… So, how do you distinguish a provider who is ‘there one minute and gone the next,’ from the provider who’s with you for long-term success? Here are my top five nuggets of advice: Beware of the account manager who overpromises and under-delivers. If

Create content that holds learners attention

These days the expression ‘knowledge is power’ is often succeeded by ‘shared knowledge is power’. It’s undoubtedly true for Learning Technology providers operating in a crowded market space. The attraction of a flash or contemporary GUI (graphical user interface) or a platform filled with bells and whistles isn’t enough to hold the interest or engagement

6 questions to find your new learning experience solution

Pinpointing the right learning experience solution for your business and critical learner groups can feel overwhelming, especially considering market analysts and key commentators, such as Fosway Group and Bersin by Deloitte, identify between 650 – 750 providers operating in this space. Before narrowing down potential contenders, it’s essential to take a step back and check

2021 brings unprecedented challenges for HR

I was speaking to an HR Director recently. During our conversation, I asked about the most significant challenges facing them in 2021. Of course, staff-wellbeing is high on the agenda, including the best way of reintegrating everyone once lockdown has passed: this in itself is a potentially massive issue and a real worry. Another critical

8 Ways To Nurture Talent in an Uncertain Future

As the host of a recent webinar ‘Carving Out Time For Your Career’ it struck me that in the current market, helping employees with career progression should be at the top of every board’s agenda.   When it comes to surviving the future, 77%[1] of CEOs cite a lack of key skills as the biggest

Starting a new job well during the pandemic and beyond

Shaking hands with the new boss and being shown around the office was a rite of passage for new starters before the pandemic. Breaking the ice over a round of tea and asking colleagues questions every two minutes was all part of the settling in process. But how are those starting a new job during

Lessons from Lockdown Leaders Conference

  “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein On the 23rd of March 2020, the nation tuned-in to hear the prime minister make a statement on the national fightback against the Coronavirus. In this twenty-minute address, it became clear that the immediate fate of our nation rested on two words: ‘National Lockdown.’ In

Taking strength from weakness

Chief Executive of The Working Manager, Managing Director of iRIS Health Solutions Ltd. If you’ve sat through a performance review or appraisal recently, it’s likely there was some discussion around ‘development areas’ or ‘areas for improvement’ — yours or your employees. But why all the euphemisms? It seems that calling out flaws has become so

On breaking out in the outbreak

Chief Executive of The Working Manager, Managing Director of TWME8 and iRIS Health Solutions Ltd. Coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill. While accepting change, grieving for what’s lost and facing uncertainty is difficult, this moment of pause offers us a chance to reflect and rethink our lives. As Josh Bersin says, it’s ‘a