Learning and development

Make working from home work for you

Having ‘worked from home’ for over ten years, I’d like to think that I’ve mastered it (otherwise I’m sure my boss would have had a word with me by now). Below are my tips and experience with the explicit caveat that everyone is different, please take what you can from this to help you to

Learning from home

Working from home has been an integral part of life for a growing number of us over the last few years. Whether this is a normal part of our role or due to changing circumstances this type of working provides several well recognised pros and cons. The advantages of productivity gains due to fewer interruptions,

The Power of Personalising Learning

Whatever learning ecosystem you have in place, it’s all about driving opportunities to connect individuals with the learning they need, whenever they need it and from any device. This helps to get learners efficiently to what they personally need to be ‘job-ready’ whilst importantly allowing them to fit mandatory training around their unique and busy

Are you future ready?

Last week we ran our first thought-leadership event in collaboration with Talent & Potential; Developing people and transforming business in a digital age. In my previous blog I discussed how digital transformation is affecting all businesses. Through this event, we aimed to provide a forum to discuss its impact on the L&D function, as well

AI in eLearning; now and the future

When it comes to discussions about technology, there’s always a lot of talk about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning, a subset of AI) and the many ways they can be used in the applications we interact with. With the ever-increasing amount of data that’s collected from various systems, AI can analyse data and

Staying curious; reimagining learning in the digital age

My motto is: stay curious. I like to ask ‘why’? To think about things differently. To try and understand what makes people ‘thrive’ at work. And also what will continue to fulfil them as the roles and skills required over the next decade and beyond continue to evolve significantly. We’re in a time of huge

Learn like a high flyer

One of the main things that makes high flyers stand out is that they have a different attitude and approach to learning. There is a focus and intensity around learning – and putting the things they’ve learnt into practice – that you don’t see from others. So what can you learn from high flyers about

TWM and O2 shortlisted for industry awards

TWM, creators of learning experience platforms built on a learner-centric ethos, has been shortlisted for three awards for their development of O2 Campus, in partnership with the O2 team. The Learning Technologies Awards will take place on 21 November 2018 celebrating the best in industry and recognising the commitment, enthusiasm and passion for learning technologies