Learning and development

Five key elements of building an award-winning learning platform

While 91% of learning and development teams want to improve productivity and engagement, it’s a sad fact that only 29% achieve this*. In this article, I reflect on our award-winning** collaboration with industry leaders – O2 – and how they did achieve with O2 Campus: a next generation corporate University. Here’s my take on the

How are you structuring your learning for high user engagement?

When it comes to managing an organisation’s learning strategy, talent and HR departments are often at the forefront of key decision making. Throughout the last few years, it’s not surprising that the definition of learning has evolved from being a series of disparate activities to a more structured process. Many of our clients are beginning

Agile, team-driven talent practices

According to Bersin, companies who revisit employee performance goals on a quarterly basis drive more than 30% more productivity than those which set goals annually. Sales forces have been working on quarterly cycles since time began! Generally speaking, sales people align their performance with the business’s quarterly goals – so why wouldn’t that culture cascade

70 20 10 … is your organisation spending more on the 70% or the 30%?

For senior learning and development professionals, 70 20 10 aren’t just random numbers anymore. They’re becoming a benchmark for considering, and understanding, whether effort and spend is being focused in the right place. If some believe it should remain an ‘if’ for the time being, you subscribe to the view that organisations should adopt the