Project Overview

Having worked with O2 Telefonica for 14 years, we were tasked with developing a new platform to equip employees with the skills and knowledge needed today, while also developing future capability. Collaborating with the People Development team, we were determined to deliver strategic differentiation, by developing a comprehensive, flexible and personalised learning experience.

We embraced the challenge of O2’s ambitious vision of O2 Campus: a next generation corporate university for learning with a unified experience that nurtures a sense of community.

Content is tailored to support the business strategy and achieve maximum engagement. The online platform contains a tiered content structure, enabling employees in all functions to gain relevant skills and knowledge.

Collaborative and attuned to today’s workforce, O2 Campus is digital, flexible and social. Employees can develop content ‘playlists’ and create their own learning pathways. It also enables line managers to encourage development and track progress.


  • Vision to reality in 100 days
  • Personalised learning and development
  • Seamless, consistent experience
  • Aligned with business objectives
  • Fully branded to O2 guidelines
  • Real business impact


O2 Campus is engaging and as easy to navigate as any platform used in a social context. Our tenacity and commitment throughout the build phase resulted in 100% functionality: on time and on budget.

Just a few months in, KPIs already show positive impact, including increased productivity and more time on the shop-floor to create significant annual savings in the retail business.  In the first six months:

  • 96% logged in; 99.94% more than once
  • 20,000 learning playlists were created; over 50% directly by the learner
  • 74% feel more effective in their role
  • 79% agree their product knowledge has increased.

Learner feedback continues to enhance O2 Campus.

O2 Telefónica UK

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