Project Overview

Polygon is a global expert in property damage control, with over 3,600 employees in 13 countries. Our task was to create a content-first learning experience to deploy across the business, starting with the UK, Norway, Netherlands and the USA.

Our challenge was to support real business needs and achieve Polygon’s aim of conducting eLearning and training in a structured and consolidated way. We had to integrate with existing systems and provide ‘line of sight’ for learning initiatives and best practice to adapt at a country level.

The solution includes: eLearning assessments to track progress; learning communities to encourage collaboration, learning pathways for self-paced learning and a course booking module to administer global internal and external classroom delivery. Reports show usage, page views, learning pathway progress, and provides managers with 24/7 access to training records.

The Polygon Learning Zone contains over 500 pieces of rich learning and development content, including video, eLearning, audio and documents, which is continually expanding. This central resource, with no duplication on other Polygon systems, can be tailored to suit local language and legislation.


  • Multi-lingual, 24/7 access
  • Multi-device capability
  • Real-time reports
  • Branded learning zone
  • Over 500 pieces of multimedia content
  • Any device, any browser


KPIs were defined as 100% legal compliance and over 60% active user engagement. Already, the UK has achieved 100% compliance for legislative training and 97% user engagement.

Our learning experience platform has achieved return on excellence, which is measured through improvements in skills, knowledge and behaviours of employees. There has been positive feedback indicating greater confidence in using technology for learning and a better platform for sharing Polygon information.

The successful launch in UK and Norway is due to the focus, dedication and collaborative relationship between TWM and Polygon’s HR and operational departments. Phase two testing and roll-out will be in the Netherlands and USA, with global launch to follow.

Polygon UK

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