We can help you to transform learning

We know that successful people never stop learning and that great organisations never stop developing people.

That’s why we’ve built learning platforms for companies of all sizes from start up to global!

Reliable & trusted

Established in 2004, we’re proud to have been named as a Gold Accredited Learning Provider by the Learning & Performance Institute for our high standards. We’re also recommended as a Top 15 learning provider by the LPI.

We’re on the Fosway Group 9-Grid – twice! This independent analysis of our market helps companies make decisions for their next gen HR, talent and learning.

Start small. Think big. Move quickly.

How can you make your people more productive and successful?

With our people-first platforms we change the idea of ‘learning at work’ and empower people to take control of their careers.

Launching a new platform can be daunting, that’s why we’ll support you every step of the way.

Stage 1 is addressing your priorities. Starting small, but always keeping the bigger picture in sight.

Stage 2 evolves the platform as things change. Your platform is built to grow with you.


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