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Nicola Cox
By Nicola Cox | 10th February 2019

When it comes to managing an organisation’s learning strategy, talent and HR departments are often at the forefront of key decision making. Throughout the last few years, it’s not surprising that the definition of learning has evolved from being a series of disparate activities to a more structured process.

Many of our clients are beginning to take advantage of our Learning Pathways tool, which forms a key component of our Learning Experience Platform. The Learning Pathways help users build engaging ways of developing skills and knowledge simply through curating their existing learning content.

Getting started with Learning Pathways

Our Learning Pathways are developed with simplicity in mind, making it simple for you to enjoy the benefits at every step of an individual’s career by:

  • Mix and matching content from your library into a Learning Pathway
  • Facilitating individual learner needs all the way from pre-joiners to senior management
  • Implementing a structured learning programme to your user audience quickly and efficiently
  • Delivering a varied and flexible learning experience to the user
  • Reinforcing learning through the ability to upload evidence of learning and access sign-off functionality

Pathway options are unlimited; as long as the content exists, you can create a Learning Pathway for any training or learning process.

If you would like to start building structured progression routes today using our Learning Pathways, contact us at or call +44 (1285) 657978 to find out more.

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