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Ian Richardson
By Ian Richardson | 12th May 2021

Not an admission you’d expect from someone who works for a learning technology company, but when my colleagues chorused ‘you’re on mute’ during yet another ‘Teams’ call recently, I couldn’t hide my frustration. Perhaps you can relate?

We’ve all been there. Even Zoom’s CEO Eric Yuan admitted to ‘meeting fatigue’ this week. More worryingly, last month Jonathan Frostick, a U.K.-based regulatory professional and program manager at HSBC, wrote a post about having a heart attack that went viral. Frostick’s first epiphany from his hospital bed? ‘I’m not spending all day on Zoom anymore.’ So it seems Zoom burn out is real.

All this has got me reflecting on how important it is to ensure that technology works for us rather than the other way round. Yes, we need to carve out time away from the screen for the sake of our mental health. But suppose we accept screens are playing an increasing role in our professional and personal lives. In that case, we also need to ensure the experience is as harmonious and user-friendly as possible. Anything less is tedious at best, blood boiling and exhausting at worst.

How we experience technology is a hot topic for me. As a Client Partner with TWM, I spend much of my time with clients working out how to tailor the TWM learning platform, so it’s as accessible, user-friendly and engaging as possible. Indeed, technology plays its part, but more crucial is how it fits with an organisation’s culture, profile, and requirements.

For me, this is the most rewarding and enjoyable part of the role — adapting and tailoring the system and functionality to suit the needs and preferences of the users. With our diverse range of clients, the applications and solutions are always different.

At TWM, we pride ourselves on building an understanding of our client’s unique requirements and then exceeding them.

It’s not just about driving opportunities to connect individuals with the learning they need, when and where they need it. Yes, learners need a platform that works around their unique and busy schedules. But, to get the most out of the experience, the platform also needs to be seamless, intuitive and engaging. The content must be meaningful and valuable.

We build our learning experience platforms using a modular approach, so each solution is tailored to fulfil immediate needs — and preferences.

For Polygon, that meant a platform with:

  • Multi-lingual, 24/7 access
  • Multi-device capability
  • Real-time reports
  • A branded learning zone
  • Over 500 pieces of multimedia content

‘The Polygon Learning Zone has truly delivered a learning resource for everyone in Polygon – regardless of their level,’ Pat Neal, HR Director, Polygon UK comments. ‘The content available is appropriate from the ‘entry to exit’ of someone’s career and is designed to be future proof.’

For O2 Telefónica, a user-friendly platform meant:

  • Personalised learning and development
  • A seamless, consistent experience
  • Aligning with business objectives
  • Branding to O2 guidelines
  • Providing real business impact

O2 Campus is a whole new world of continuous and purposeful learning to explore, accessed through one unified and intuitive user experience,’ commented James Little, Digital Learning Manager, O2 Telefónica UK. ‘We use the platform flexibly to serve business needs and I don’t believe I would get like for like anywhere else.’

It’s no wonder an increasing number of companies are turning to TWM to provide slick, people-first development solutions. We know every client has different learning preferences and goals. We have the know-how to make accomplishing these a pleasant, rewarding and worthy experience.

But when it comes to auto-mute cancellation? We’ll leave that to Microsoft.


If you’d like to support your colleagues with a user-friendly, personalised learning experience, please do get in touch to arrange a demo of our platform at +44 (1285) 657978 or info@theworkingmanager.com.

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