Launching a new Learning Platform? 5 tips to smash the first 100 days!

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Daniel Mills
By Daniel Mills | 1st July 2021

Have you settled on the perfect learning ecosystem for your technology needs? Tick.

Have you developed a content management strategy to populate the platform? Tick.

Congratulations, you're well on your way to embarking on an exciting new learning platform! But to really optimise the transition, next, you must turn your attention to the first 100 days post-launch. This period is vitally important: it will govern your future success and uncover 'hidden extras' - or unforeseen challenges/opportunities.

How can you make the first 100 days successful? Considering these key questions will help:

  • What content do you require for the launch?
  • What learners (or groups of learners) need access to this, and how will you evaluate the initial impact of learning?
  • How will you create a marketing and communication plan to raise awareness and respond to any questions or concerns presented?
  • How will you administrate the system moving forward – who is responsible for owning the platform, and what time will they dedicate to the technology beyond launch?
  • What system functionality will you have for launch?
    • A common mistake is to throw everything in from the start, from performance management to appraisals. However, from the learners' point of view, this can be overwhelming. Moreover, much of the technology depends on learners completing content to provide good quality input measures. As such, you may be wise to hold back some features for the long-term plan.
    • Ensure your chosen provider(s) allow you to start small, think big and move quickly. You don't want to pay for the use of 50% - 60% of an 'ecosystem' in the short term. Look for a modular approach or a commercial agreement that allows you to uplift your licence/contract terms on a timetable that suits you, not your provider! TWM, for example, build learning experience platforms using a modular approach, so each solution is tailored to fulfil immediate needs and extend as necessary.

The expression 'fail to plan is to prepare to fail' is valid here.

Often, there is a need to push out content or platforms to meet tight deadlines. Some you can avoid, others you can't. However, as soon as the deadlines are defined, your focus should be on making the first 100 days a success and ensuring you align all key stakeholders with your plan. This strategy should include your chosen provider(s). They should become embedded in your business culture and understand your organisational DNA and daily challenges. They must align with your strategic goals rather than focusing on one-off interventions. Seek out a partner with a history of building these collaborative relationships.

Narrowing down your search isn't easy - the L&D/HR market is fast-moving and noisy - but there are indications you can trust. In my final blog, I will share some insight into selecting the right providers with example questions to demonstrate their credibility and trust credentials.

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