About our features

We have so many features and benefits to our many products it’s hard to know where to begin! Here’s some of the many things that we include with each one of our products. There’s lots more where they came from (plus we’re always building new shiny things to add to them, we just can’t help ourselves!)

Event booking

Allow your employees to browse and book training events online and see them take control of their own training and development needs

User features
  • Search face to face and online events
  • Check details e.g. date, time, location, purpose and objectives
  • Book events or just register interest for self or on behalf of others
  • Receive joining instructions via email
  • View pre-and post-work files or web links
  • View delegate list, download attendance sheet, download purpose and objectives sheet and mark people as attended (trainer view only)
  • Authorisation of event attendance against a wide range of criteria
  • Download certificates (if awarded to a module)
  • Personal dashboard of events and updates
  • Email notifications to keep everyone informed
Manager features
  • Hierarchy view of individual’s event attendance/status
  • Ability to approve/decline booking requests and cancellations
  • Create an unlimited number of events
Administrative features
  • Create and manage: categories, roles, departments, trainers, courses
  • Set up pre-and post-work files/web links
  • Manage waitlists and the release of spaces
  • Manually add delegates to events
  • Set event recertification
  • Set event costings by overall event or by individual
  • Attendance by event
Reporting tools
  • Attendance by user
  • Individual delegate report
  • Delegate list
  • Cancellation report
  • Outstanding colleague attendance
  • Event costings analysis
  • Recertification due times
  • System terminology and drop down options e.g. cancellation reasons

Learning record

A personalised overview for every employee that clearly displays their past, present and future learning. Helping them to focus on what’s most important

User features
  • Easy to separate content with mandatory and suggested category tabs
  • Categorise content and view by title and progress information
  • Create your own learning plans to develop in the direction you want
  • Add learning evidence to demonstrate offline/CPD development
  • Archive old or complete content
  • Apply filters to identify types and categories of content for display
  • View recertification warnings to show when content certification is expiring
  • Interact with your manager with a built-in communications tab
  • View an on-screen or PDF report builder, to output learning progress
  • Download certificates (if awarded to a module)
Manager features
  • View a team members learning record status/completion
  • Switch to different team members using the team drop down feature
  • Leave messages for each team member from the communications tab
  • Create onscreen and PDF reports for each delegate
Administrative features
  • Manage which tabs your learners see and customise the content to make it relevant to your organisation
  • Manage categories and add new ones as your content library grows
  • Set certification periods for content that requires renewal
  • Set reminder emails to ensure SCORM content is ready for recertification
  • Create groups, add users and assign content as required
  • Entitle delegates via site prefix, custom data values or individually
  • Build and export reports to review the content and groups you want
Reporting tools
  • Pre-filter by status to only include the type of stat information you are looking for
  • Check expired certifications
  • Mandatory content compliance visuals (graphs, charts)
  • Mandatory content completion status
  • Suggested content reporting
Configurable options
  • Multi-language compatible
  • Map custom user data for entitlement values relevant to your organisatio
  • Change tool wording, terminology and colour schemes

Learning pathways

Mix content into a guided route through a programme that’s easy to follow. Enable people to upload their own evidence and content into the mix and give managers the ability to really engage with their teams learning

User features
  • Structured learning pathways which deliver a variety of content around defined learning areas
  • Follow individual or multiple learning pathways
  • Upload supporting evidence by each section/individual piece of content
  • Interact with your manager to enable feedback and maintain focus
  • Track and display your learning pathway progress
  • Download certificates (if awarded to a module)
  • Display and access your learning from your homepage
Manager/Assessor features
  • Hierarchical view of a team’s assigned pathways and progress
  • View and sign off content, sections and pathways
  • Comment on content, sections and pathways
  • Action dashboard to clearly display all manager/assessor actions
Administrative features
  • Create single or multiple pathways to provide structured and relevant learning journeys for your learners
  • Build pathways around the subjects that are relevant to your learners
  • Create introductions and set colour and style preferences per pathway
  • Create assessed or standard pathways to determine whether the learning journey requires manager intervention or independent learning
  • Make sections progressive or non-progressive
  • Add different content types including eLearning, workshops, and articles
  • Weight content based on its importance to help determine pathway completion percentages
  • Set target dates for individual content, sections and pathway completion
  • Set if each piece of learning/action requires additional learning evidence
  • Assign who can sign off content, sections and pathways
  • Award and download certificates
Reporting tools
  • Detailed reports showing individual progress through each piece of content in each learning pathway
  • On screen and CSV export of top line individual progress summary
Configurable options
  • Specify data values to be included within CSV export reports
  • Specify filter options for manager and site manager reporting


For clear tracking and reporting, our eLearning solution is perfect for easily mapping content to the right people

User features
  • User-friendly eLearning dashboard for launching content
  • View information on progress, scores and completion date for each title
  • Download certificates (if awarded to a module)
  • Download, save and print completion evidence
Manager features
  • Access delegate progress overview
  • Download, save and print delegate certificates
  • Administrative featuresUser-friendly eLearning content management system
  • Load and manage SCORM content
  • Overwrite existing titles and set instance options to define how and when delegates migrate to the updated version
  • Preview content titles
  • Entitle users through site, custom data values or individually
  • Manage individual delegate entitlement across multiple groups
  • Switch content and groups online or offline
Reporting tools
  • View and export eLearning results
  • View individual user progress and launch history
  • Build custom reports with multiple eLearning titles and export
  • Include user data in custom reports
  • Filter and search for progress stats
  • Include or exclude offline/deleted delegates
  • Set date parameters to refine results
  • Save custom reports to run at future dates
Configurable options
  • Map user data values for entitlement purposes
  • Map user data values for custom reporting
  • Set pop up messages for delegates when launching content

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