Networking – socially distant style

Career development

This is the third in a series of 30-minute CareerBurst webinars and was recorded on the 20th May 2020.

Love it or hate it, networking is a great way to find new roles, discover new opportunities and help you drive a high-flying career.

Whichever side of the fence you come down on, self-isolating, shielding, social distancing and the lockdown provide a real challenge to effective networking – and even a justifiable excuse to some to give it a wide berth!

However, it may be easier than you think to rise to that challenge – making it a great way to keep your career on track through the coming months.

In our next CareerBurst webinar, networking duffer and talent expert Sarah Hobbs from Talent & Potential hosts a live Q&A to answer your questions on how to network with a socially-distanced twist. Whether you love networking or dread the thought, join us on the day and discover how you can take a low-risk, low-cringe yet highly effective approach to networking at a distance!

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