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My motto is: stay curious.

I like to ask ‘why’?

To think about things differently.

To try and understand what makes people ‘thrive’ at work. And also what will continue to fulfil them as the roles and skills required over the next decade and beyond continue to evolve significantly.

We're in a time of huge digital business transformation and it's impacting every sector; altering business models to improve efficiency and performance.

Why is it then that so many companies fail to improve performance? In the digital age it's human skills like curiosity, resilience, adaptability, emotional and cultural intelligence, creativity, collaboration and critical problem-solving that will determine competitive advantage and business agility.

As individuals, we need to make sure that our digital skill-set is as wide as possible to meet future needs. Businesses have a role to play by investing in innovative employee development and allowing experimental digital projects to apply learning, to test ideas, to nurture motivation and progress insights. To quote author and business coach, Marshall Goldsmith, "What got you here won't get you there", so leadership cadence is key. Leaders need to be able to unleash human potential with the right digital tools and mindset to transform cultures.

Why do I mention this? Because I am excited about TWM’s free event, in collaboration with Talent & Potential, this Autumn: Developing people and transforming business in a digital age, where we will be running a thought-provoking day of exploration and discussion around some of these topics (details below). In his book, Curious: The Desire to Know and Why Your Future Depends on It, Ian Leslie defines three types of curiosity, all of which we hope to cater for on the day:

1. Diversive curiosity - the attraction to anything new, which we carry with us from childhood.

Developments in digital technology have dramatically changed the way we deliver learning and career development. We’ll investigate what’s next for L&D in a digital age. A leading data scientist will discuss how you can use data to support your people strategy and experts will share insights into how AI and voice technology will impact the ways people learn and develop at work.

2. Epistemic curiosity – this is a desire to delve deeper.

We’ll be looking at the key business challenges affecting organisations and the ways they can be overcome through transforming and developing your greatest asset: your people:

  • How can you create self-driven career cultures, improve organisational agility and boost performance?
  • How can you better empower your people to drive great careers and give leaders the tools to help support development, career conversations and progression?

We’ll investigate how other UK companies have achieved this.

3. Empathetic curiosity – really understanding and putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Some of the issues we’re dealing with are stubborn problems and involve really understanding why people think, feel and behave in certain ways. Sarah Hobbs, Managing Director at Talent & Potential, will run a workshop about what drives a great career; look at what motivates us at work and how to build an internal reputation. Later a break-out workshop with clients with allow for discussion around pain points and will help us develop a technical innovation roadmap for the future so that we can continue to create solutions that grow skills, enhance knowledge, and change behaviours.


I truly believe that by remaining curious about data, business goals and the skills gaps inside organisations, we can change cultures, talent strategies and engagement rates. After all, successful people never stop learning. And successful organisations never stop developing their people.

We hope you can join us on the day!

We’re running this event in collaboration with Talent & Potential at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) at Ansty Park in Coventry on the 12th September.

The event is aimed at all professionals with a responsibility for engaging, cultivating and developing people. Topics will include employee engagement, line manager skills, organisational culture, the future of learning technology, using data to support your people strategy and helping people drive their own career. As well as that, there’ll be lots of opportunity to network with peers across industries, explore new ideas and technology and gain further professional insights and updates. REGISTER NOW for Developing people and transforming business in a digital age.

Melanie Small is TWM’s Business Growth Director with over 20 years' experience in the people and organisational development industry.

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