Will this help us with succession planning?

Succession planning is often predicated on the hope that the identified candidate is willing to take up the role they are supposed to succeed. Holding effective, proactive career conversations with your people ensures that you hold more robust data about their career aspirations, improving the quality of your succession plans.  

Can this be used alongside career pathways?

Yes, it can.  Career pathways provide a mechanism to support people to find opportunities.  They still need to be able to build their career skills, reputation and visibility so that they will be successful in the recruitment and selection processes.

Are the career conversations just for managers?

The system is designed to be completely flexible.  Career conversations can be initiated by a line manager, a mentor, a peer or a team member – it allows individuals to work with the person who is right for them irrespective of grade, level or position.

What are the different types of career conversation?

There are six different conversations you might want at different times in your career: Direction – gaining clarity around your career direction Development – career-focused development Finding opportunities – creating wider career opportunities Reputation – building and maintaining a great reputation Strategic alliances – key relationships to nurture for your career Selection – improving your

Who has developed CareerBurst?

CareerBurst is the result of a collaboration between Talent & Potential and TWM; combining subject matter expertise with technical capability. It’s based on material used over many years to successfully deliver career development in FTSE 100 companies and blended with digital expertise.

How can I support diversity and inclusion?

If there is an imbalance in terms of representation of minority audiences at a senior level, CareerBurst can address this by creating an inclusive approach and level playing field and boosting career development in under-represented groups.  

What format do the CareerBurst tools come in?

There is a wide variety formats including: bite-sized tips, career blogs and vlogs, podcasts, strengths and motivation apps, researched tactics and learning experiments.

How does CareerBurst enable high quality career conversations?

Managers may be very skilled in their own function and area of expertise but may not always be natural talent managers. By providing line managers with tools that help them gain confidence to hold career conversations, CareerBurst helps managers improve their ability to spot potential, succession planning and driving workplace development. Thousands of managers have

How can CareerBurst help me drive my career?

Essentially, CareerBurst gives employees the support to drive their own development and career actively – increasingly crucial for millennials. Businesses are changing fast, so it’s important they adopt an agile approach that enables people to take advantage of internal opportunities quickly.