What research is CareerBurst based on?

Talent & Potential conducted research with over 2,000 successful individuals across a wide range of industries. This means we’ve developed a solution that’s 100% focused on careers and career content. Many myths masquerade as career advice. Some of these include: that you must network to be successful, success is having five-year career plan or moving

Why is CareerBurst different?

Very few platforms cater purely for career development information. Our blend of real, in-depth research, practical, actionable thinking together with tools and apps means CareerBurst recognises that success comes from individuals taking ownership of their own careers boosted by great conversations with managers and mentors. The thinking in CareerBurst has been road-tested with thousands of

What issues does CareerBurst address?

We believe that helping employees with their career should be at the top of every board’s agenda. CareerBurst aims to benefit companies by promoting career development as a core retention strategy. It helps to: cut recruitment costs retain internal talent increase internal fill rates provide a self-driven career strategy support diversity and inclusion create a