Learning Experience Platform

Do you offer bespoke services?

Although we offer a full suite of core functions and content that have evolved through our extensive experience with a variety of clients, sometimes an off-the-shelf solution will not solve your problem. Our developers can work with you to meet your bespoke requirements. We can also recommend content from our carefully selected content partners.

Is your system SCORM compliant?

Yes. You can host your SCORM materials by uploading your SCORM 1.2 or 2004 courses to our easy to use administration system. This allows you to manage entitlement as well as track score and progress data.

Can I build my own pathways?

Yes, you can mix content and activities into a single pathway. Pathways are a guided route through all the material and actions required for a programme. Our clients use this feature extensively for on-boarding and apprenticeship programmes as it allows them to weight items, set target dates and automate certificates. Content is easily searchable and

What devices is the TWM learning experience platform available on?

Our platform has been developed to provide engaging and optimised delivery to desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The responsive mobile platform optimises the suitable parts of the desktop functionality to allow users anytime, anywhere access to learning.

Does the platform incorporate custom eLearning?

To support a blended learning approach, we work with clients to deliver custom eLearning content that is instructionally sound, engaging and memorable. We have a robust qualification process to understand your business need and learning objectives. This insight feeds into the solution design to provide the best eLearning content within your budget, incorporating a wide range

How do I track employees’ learning and development progress?

The learning record identifies the areas that an individual will focus on developing over the course of the next year, the activities planned, and the resources needed. Line managers have full visibility of this and can provide support. Reports can be created to summarise user activity over a defined time. Dashboard views show progress at

Can you explain your pricing and licenses?

We offer a flexible pricing structure that is based on your individual needs. You can pick and choose the elements that are right for your business, keeping it simple for your learners and for your budgets! Whether you want something that is available to everyone in your organisation or is limited to specific groups, we

What modules are available?

Our learning experience platform is built using a modular approach. This means, each solution can be tailored with a range of features to suit immediate needs. Many of the modules, are available as standard, but other elements can be added, such as the Event Booking System, which helps individuals take ownership for their personal development and

Can I tailor learning to different employee audiences?

Yes, learning pathways help to deliver and rollout a structured learning programme to suit each audience – whether for specific roles, departments, teams or individuals. You can mix and match content from your library to create a learning pathway and deliver a varied and flexible learning experience. An unlimited number of learning pathways to be created

How does the TWM learning platform achieve high user engagement?

Our platform has been developed by learning and development experts to maximise user engagement; it is a great place to be curious and interact. Through the learning communities, employees can discover, ask questions, share content, ideas, thoughts, good practice and experiences to develop and share personal learning throughout the organisation. They can create topics, post,