Learning Experience Platform

Does the TWM platform integrate with other learning systems?

Yes, our learning experience platform can be stand-alone, or integrated with existing learning technologies into a single online learning solution. If you need to integrate with existing systems – such as HRIS, LMS or third-party tools like 360 or Performance Appraisal – we can do this quickly and cost effectively. This allows you to give access

Do you also offer consultancy?

Yes, consultancy is an integral part of our service. We are problem solvers; it’s not just about the platform. We work closely with clients to form long-term relationships that help shape and identify requirements for an integrated online learning solution. Our team aims to fully understand business goals and provides consultancy about the best ways

How do I measure the success of my learning and development platform?

The starting point of any project is taking the strategic objectives and identifying how our learning and development platform will help your employees achieve this. We drill down to agree tangible measures of success. These measures are then built into the tracking and reporting module.

What technical support do you provide after go-live?

Every client has a dedicated account manager who takes full responsibility for successful roll-out. After day one launch, we continue to work closely with clients, using a phased approach to enhance and evolve the platform as the needs of the organisation change. We work in partnership with clients to put the right team in place